Chef Shane Graybeal

Formerly of Sable Kitchen and Rocksalt Restaurants

“In my food, details matter. Often the most overlooked details can make a difference between good food and great food. Sean’s spices are a big factor in my food, giving my dishes what I call ‘crave-ability.’ I highly recommend you see for yourself. Use as you would pepper in any recipe, you’ll be able to replicate that restaurant flavor at home.”

Karl Bader

Owner & Chief Soup Guy - Karl’s Craft Soups

I use a handful of custom LFK spices as a secret flavor weapon in a few of my soups. It makes all the difference in the world. They’re fresh, foxy, and punch hard!”

Paul Hitalenko

Owner, Executive Chef - Huegah Catering Co.

“At Huegah, our signature fried chicken is made using only LFK spices. The blend, of the highest quality, freshest ingredients, is what we rely on to give our products its signature flavor. We wouldn’t dare use anything else.”

Ethan Alderete

General Manager, Tuco and Blondie

LFK was not only a great help streamlining and improving the quality of spice blends we were previously making in house. The process of creating our custom blend was so much easier than I had planned for, helping deliver a much better product to our guests!

Patricia Butkus

Private Chef

Rub it Right is the BEST blend for grilled meats and slow stewed braises. The fresh ground chilies make all of the difference than the sad, dried (old) chilies of other mixes. Sean and Chelsi are responsive and will custom blend products to your specifications. As a private chef, a lot of my clients are on specialty diets and LFK makes it all taste GREAT!

Kathleen Morris

Happy Customer

First of all - great people. But the Backyard Blend? Fantastic! My 80 something parents are out of necessity adhering to low sodium eating. No worries when flavor is plentiful and salt can be minimal. We are all on board. I like South of France on almost any veggie dish. Support local and support great people!

Dylan Marsh

Happy Customer

LFK is a must have for every kitchen pantry. Period. Speaking of which, it’s almost time to buy more!

Col Griff

Happy Customer

Love LFK. All of their seasonings are as good as they smell and can really improve your meals. Always looking for them every Sunday at Logan Square Farmers Market. It’s a must to try!