Rub it Right

Rub it Right Fall off the bone Ribs

Rub it Right Fall off the Bone Ribs

Rub it Right fall off the bone Ribs

Serves 2

Cooking time 7-10 hours

Active cooking time 35 minutes


1 rack of baby back or St. Luis style pork ribs (feel free to use your preference I like baby back a little better.)

¼ cup of rub it right (half a package)

¼ cup of your favorite barbeque sauce (or 1/4 cup of rub it right subbed in for BBQ if you like your ribs dry)

Aluminum Foil (heavy duty wide kind is best)

Cooking Instructions

Pre-heat your oven to 300. Unroll a long piece of aluminum foil a little longer than twice the length of your ribs onto a countertop next to the sink.  Rinse the ribs and allow excess water to drip off.  Place damp ribs on the foil and toughly rub in Rub it Right on both sides allowing the water to act as an adhesive.  Move ribs to the edge of the foil and fold the foil over making sure to cover and seal completely seal in the ribs.

Place ribs directly on the rack and with a foil wrapped backing sheet underneath for the juices to drip into (you can also use a turkey pan with rack if you have one).  Bake for 6 hours if you are doing more than 3 racks of ribs add 30 min to cooking time for every 2 additional racks of ribs.  Remove ribs and allow to rest for 45 minutes before removing from foil. 

Follow the steps below according to your kitchen set up.

If you have no grill or smoker.

After removing the ribs from the oven preheat your oven to broil or 500.  Carefully remove rested ribs from foil and place ribs on a baking broiler pan or baking sheet. Very carefully add your favorite BBQ sauce to both sides.  Broil ribs for 5 to 10 minutes to char glaze the sauce. Watch this carefully checking frequently to make sure you don’t burn them.  Serve and enjoy.

If you have a Grill but no smoker.

Preheat grill to 500 while ribs rest.  Very carefully place ribs on gill (I like to cut racks in half to make it easier.  Spoon or mop you favorite BBQ sauce on each side grilling the sauce on creating a slightly char glaze on each side.  Serve and enjoy.

If you have a smoker.

Preheat smoker to 300 with half apple and half pecan woods while the ribs rest.  Carefully place ribs in smoker intensely smoke for 1.5 hours.  Spoon or mop BBQ sauce on both sides of ribs then smoke for additional 30 min to glaze.  Serve and Enjoy!